SCS, graphic of Coronavirus webinar Thursday, March 26


WEBINAR: Covid -19 Forces You to Deal with Adverse Impact on Your Supply Chain


All brands will experience disruptions in their supply chains as result of the coronavirus.  Even if the retail outlets are closed or operating at reduced capacity for some time, getting quality product will be necessary for some now and some when it is time to re-open.  The rights, defenses and remedies of contracting parties, navigating the trade and import/export rules and regulations, and understanding potential insurance coverage will all be critical.              


This webinar focuses on restaurant franchisors, franchisees, manufacturers, distributors and retailers’ considerations in these important areas: 


  • What are your contractual rights, defenses, and remedies and how do you exercise them?
  • What has changed for exporting , compliance programs, training and procedures ?
  • Is there insurance coverage when the supply chain is interrupted?


Polsinelli Speakers:

Len MacPhee ( Supply Chain)

Joyce Mazero ( Supply Chain )

Michelle Schulz ( International Trade)

Lisa Weixelman ( Insurance Coverage )


When:  Thursday, March 26 at 1:30-2:30 EDT  


Here is the registration link