Student Spotlight: NRAEF Supply Chain Scholarship Recipient Jamie Warrick


The National Restaurant Association Supply Chain Expert Exchange, in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, created a scholarship to help develop the next generation of Supply Chain leaders in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

Goals of the 2020 program were as follows:

  • Attract foodservice focused students to careers and organizations related to industry Supply Chain Management
  • Empower individuals invested in restaurants and foodservice through financial and programmatic support
  • Advance skills and retention of current industry professionals to support retention

These scholarships are available to undergraduate students pursuing degrees related to foodservice and the restaurant industry who express a deep interest in supply chain management.

A total of eight $5,000 scholarship and one $1,000 scholarship were recently awarded and we are featuring each of them individually.

NRAEF Supply Chain Scholarship Recipient Jamie Warrick

Home: New Orleans, Louisiana

Class Status Fall 2020: College Senior

College: University of Holy Cross

Major/Field of Study: Culinology

Leadership Positions: Research Chefs Association School Representative - UHCNO

Years Working in Restaurant Industry: 10

Longest Restaurant Employer: Caesars Entertainment

Award Amount: $5,000

What are your plans in the industry?  Currently, I am developing a couple of brand new food concepts in my Advanced Product Development class and also working with a local company to expand their product line. I now want to take that experience with the impending knowledge that I am gaining from UHCNO to open my own manufacturing incubator. I want to provide the masses with my wonderful take on culinary while simultaneously helping others have the proper help they may need to get into the food business.

Quote: I would like to help out my community by providing a place for local minority small business owners to start their companies and help with labeling, packaging, and product development.

Author: Supply Chain Scene