Executive Spotlight: Highlights of 2021 - David Cox, President at ARCOP Inc.

Professional Development

SCS: What guides you as a leader?

DC: I have a list of things that I feel like I’ve been true to throughout my career.  One is, just live the Golden Rule, every day. Some of these are so simple and basic, but the challenge is people don't consistently apply them. Something I learned early in my career was to seek first to understand before being understood. I feel like I'm a good listener and that's especially important when you're managing people or leading people. Never compromise your integrity. That's an easy one. Always, always take the high road, be approachable, smile, initiate conversations. I'm a little bit of an introvert, and so this one I have to force myself to do because I'm just not naturally that way. Never, ever stop learning. There's a lot of folks that, go to school, maybe get an MBA and they think they're done learning, and the reality is that's when the learning begins. Grab experience first, the money will come later. Be loyal to your organization, to your boss, to your customers, to your suppliers. Have fun along the way, because life is short. If you're not enjoying the work that you're doing, then go find something else because that's not good for you and it's not good for your team. This one I always did, and I see less of it in today's world, but respect experience. Learn from those who have a few decades under their belt because chances are they've seen it all done at all. And maybe it was different 10 years ago and maybe it was a different set of circumstances but at the same time, you can take those experiences and adapt it to the issue at hand. Deliver more than what's expected. Always under-promise and over-deliver. The worst thing you can do is overpromise. And the one thing that took me a long time to realize is that all issues that happen or arise can usually be tied back to communication.  Communication is critical to getting everybody on board with solving challenges. Learn to communicate well, both written and oral and over-communication is the key to making things happen. And then finally change. Change is good. Don't perceive change as being a challenge. You've got to embrace it and drive change. Aim to continually improve with everything that you're doing.

8/1/2021 - Read the full interview here.

Author: Supply Chain Scene